Monday, June 3, 2013

On Saturday, June 1st, Tala had her first swimming lesson.  I am a member of a chi fitness club for dogs in Rhode Island, and the woman who runs it lives on a beautiful lake, and after the dogs have gone for their walk, they come back to her home for lunch and a swim.  Tala is too young for the walk, but we took her when the walk was over and Nini, the instructor, took her out in the lake and gave her a swimming lesson.  Nini held her and Tala had a very strong dog paddle and wasn't the least bit afraid.  She is one amazing pup!
Shane is in the front of the picture 
watching the lesson.  Shane is a fabulous swimmer.  He learned
in New Hampshire with the help of my
Cousin's Golden Retriever, Travis.
When we got home, everyone took a long nap.  I think all of that swimming tired them out!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday, May 25, 2013

It has been a relatively quiet, rainy day here today.  Tala is amusing herself with a huge pile of toys, both hers and Shane's.
She is currently lying on the living room rug surrounded by a sizable
 pile of her favorites. She does a pretty good job of keeping herself amused.  We have discovered that we really do have to be very careful the items that we care about.  They must not be left out where she can find them, or they will be reduced into something unusable in a very short time.  I lost a pair of sneakers yesterday.  It is truly amazing how fast she can work!  It is truly a good thing she is so darn cute!
Yesterday I signed Tala up for Puppy Kindergarten in Franklin at the Masterpeace dog training facility.  She will start school next Friday.  I met some of her classmates when I went over. There is a very adorable Golden Retriever puppy and a Tervuren Shepherd, just to mention a couple; both very cute.  I think that she will do just fine. 
Tala and big sister, Fenway
Tala and big sister, Fenway
Tala and Fenway had been having a major wrestling match yesterday, as I took these photos.  Fenway seems to know how hard she should play with the puppy.                                                                    


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On May 16th, 2013, John and I picked up our new puppy, Tala, at T.F. Green Airport in Providence, Rhode Island. She was an 8 week old Shiloh Shepherd pup we purchased through our friend and Breeder, Lilli Anglin in Maryville, Tennessee.  This is where our now  9 year old Shiloh Shepherd, Shane came from.
After purchasing Shane, we have helped raise three other Shiloh Shepherds for friends of ours in the Medway area.
One of the Shiloh Shepherds who we helped with in her early months has stayed with us during the week when her owner works.  We are sort of her Shiloh Shepherd Grandparents.  Her name is Fenway and she is a Five year old Shiloh Shepherd and is one of our dog, Shane's Nieces.  She is very smart and beautiful.  This picture was take a couple of weeks ago on a "pack walk"
 in Rhode Island.  This is Fenway on the edge of Nini's patio behind her home.  This is on the edge of a beautiful lake.  
This picture was taken the day that Tala arrived at our home.  She is very curious and a very quick learner.  She and Fenway are fast becoming good friends. 
Today, Tuesday, May 21, Tala went with me to my hairdressing appointment to meet the new people at the salon.  She had a great time chasing a hair curler around the shop.  The floors were slippery so the curler rolled all over the place and she had a grand time chasing it, until John came to bring her home.  When I got home, we went on a long walk out into our pasture with Shane and Fenway.  Now we are all back in the house, and my three Shilohs are all taking naps.  Peace and quiet....very nice.