Monday, June 3, 2013

On Saturday, June 1st, Tala had her first swimming lesson.  I am a member of a chi fitness club for dogs in Rhode Island, and the woman who runs it lives on a beautiful lake, and after the dogs have gone for their walk, they come back to her home for lunch and a swim.  Tala is too young for the walk, but we took her when the walk was over and Nini, the instructor, took her out in the lake and gave her a swimming lesson.  Nini held her and Tala had a very strong dog paddle and wasn't the least bit afraid.  She is one amazing pup!
Shane is in the front of the picture 
watching the lesson.  Shane is a fabulous swimmer.  He learned
in New Hampshire with the help of my
Cousin's Golden Retriever, Travis.
When we got home, everyone took a long nap.  I think all of that swimming tired them out!

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