Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On May 16th, 2013, John and I picked up our new puppy, Tala, at T.F. Green Airport in Providence, Rhode Island. She was an 8 week old Shiloh Shepherd pup we purchased through our friend and Breeder, Lilli Anglin in Maryville, Tennessee.  This is where our now  9 year old Shiloh Shepherd, Shane came from.
After purchasing Shane, we have helped raise three other Shiloh Shepherds for friends of ours in the Medway area.
One of the Shiloh Shepherds who we helped with in her early months has stayed with us during the week when her owner works.  We are sort of her Shiloh Shepherd Grandparents.  Her name is Fenway and she is a Five year old Shiloh Shepherd and is one of our dog, Shane's Nieces.  She is very smart and beautiful.  This picture was take a couple of weeks ago on a "pack walk"
 in Rhode Island.  This is Fenway on the edge of Nini's patio behind her home.  This is on the edge of a beautiful lake.  
This picture was taken the day that Tala arrived at our home.  She is very curious and a very quick learner.  She and Fenway are fast becoming good friends. 
Today, Tuesday, May 21, Tala went with me to my hairdressing appointment to meet the new people at the salon.  She had a great time chasing a hair curler around the shop.  The floors were slippery so the curler rolled all over the place and she had a grand time chasing it, until John came to bring her home.  When I got home, we went on a long walk out into our pasture with Shane and Fenway.  Now we are all back in the house, and my three Shilohs are all taking naps.  Peace and quiet....very nice.


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